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Mai's Gypsy Litter
Birth to 8 Weeks
Raising healthy, well-adjusted, true-to-type puppies in the family home takes an extraordinary amount of time and dedication.  Their physical, social and emotional needs must be met at each stage of their development.  It is a labour of love...
Newborn Puppies
 Mai tending newborn pups - a gentle and attentive mother
 Less than one day old
Puppies' First Week
Their noses change from pink to black
Dinner time
There's nothing quite like snoozing on mum's leg after a good feed
  Puppies' Second Week
 Shuvani pups are weighed regularly to ensure they are thriving 
Their nails are carefully trimmed to keep Mai comfortable as they feed
Mai with her puppies - relaxed and content
The sweetest little bookends imaginable
Puppies' Third Week
 Sleeping sweetly
So sweetly...
Their eyelashes are growing, along with their whiskers and soft waves on their ears
Each one a miracle
Puppy love
 Puppies' Fourth Week
Anyone for a cuddle?
 The puppies enjoy human company
They have started eating solid food
 They are alert and curious
Wrestling playfully, learning important social skills
 and they sleep... a lot
Puppies' Fifth Week 
Outside for the first time
 Morning tea on the verandah
 Followed by a picnic lunch
 Hanging in there
 Life is good
 and they still sleep... a lot
Puppies' Sixth Week  
 Mai gets one to one time with her puppies, teaching them how to behave and washing their faces
 They are curious and affectionate
with kindly expressions
and soft coats
 and the ability to nap wherever they drop
 Puppies' Seventh Week 
Growing up beautifully
 tuckered out
 Handsome boys ...
 Stunning girls ...
(now Australian Champion Shuvani Freyja Rose)
 and ready to find their places in the world.
 At Eight Weeks
 At eight weeks the puppies are ready to go to their forever homes.  Shuvani Puppy Packs are prepared, and so are the puppies...
more photos on Forever Familes page
My thanks to the wonderful families who open their hearts and their homes to a Shuvani Golden.
Copyright remains with photographers:
Chris Cooper, Kim Wormald, Jane Hodges, Rachel White, Marston Whitcher




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