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Forever Families
Shuvani puppies and their forever families are matched with care.  Consideration is given to many factors, including:
                ~ each family's lifestyle
                ~ the age of any children
                ~ current pets and their temperaments
                ~ past experience with dogs
Shuvani Goldens thrive on the loving companionship of their families and their families thrive on the loving companionship of their goldens.
Some Perfect Matches
 Shuvani Jack Sparrow "Jack" is owned and loved by Charisse and Ian
 My new big sister Katie is someone I really look up to
She always has time for me 
She whispers secrets about how to train our humans 
She's my hero
 Shuvani Esmeralda Mai "Annabelle Issy-Mai" is owned and loved by Wendy and Bruce
 She loves me
He loves me
  I am a lucky girl
 Shuvani Freyja Rose "Freyja" is owned and loved by Jane and Mark
Freyja spends time with her dad, "Oskar"
 Shuvani Tinkers Surprise "Bailey" is owned and loved by Anne and Philip
(not forgetting their lovely girls and little Harry)
Ready, steady... 
            A cuddle-break then off again
                                         A game of fetch
Bailey, the brave beachcomber 
 Shuvani Knightwood Oak "Sunny" is owned and loved by Dek and Janet
Sunny in action
Surveying his kingdom
Sunny inaction
 Shuvani Witching Hour "Morgan" is owned and loved by Meagan, Scott,
Charlotte and Georgia


 Morgan with his crew - come on, let's keep playing!
 More photographs coming one day...




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